Three men in the truck

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It was the month of May.  A lot of newspapers were sitting in our driveway.  It rained over the newspapers and the cars drove over them.  The wet smashed newspapers gave the impression, that no one was living in the house.  One night we forgot to turn the front porch light on.

A Song

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I will sing a song.

I will sing a Punjabi song.

I will stand on the stage.

I will hold the mike in my hand.

I will tell my daughter to play the harmonium.

I will sing the song with music.

The audience will be happy.

The audience will cheer.

The audience will clap.


Sentances with was, and were

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Sentences with was and were:

I was happy.
He was hungry.
She was a doctor.
We were late.
You were in the church.
They were quiet.

I was not happy.
He was not thirsty.
She was not a nurse.
It was not big.
We were not late.
You were not at home.
They were not noisy.

He was happy? Was he happy?
She was poor? Was she poor?