In a People's House.

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"Come inside, Mr. Bird," said the mouse.
"I will show you what there is in People House.....,

The people House has things like .......
things like
roller skates
and stairs.

Banana, bottles, brooms.
That's what you find in people's rooms.

Scissors needle buttons thread
Cup and saucer
Pillow and bed.

These are doughnuts.


San Diego Visit

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Visit to San Diego


This last weekend I went to attend a wedding in the city of San Diego.

My flight was in the morning.


It was a direct flight.  


I reached the airport early in the morning, more than two hours before my flight time.


I checked in, by  the kiosk, checked in luggage and printed my boarding pass.


Grocery Shopping at Safeway

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Grocery Shopping


I am going for grocery shopping today at Safeway.


I will buy the Groceries for the whole week.


First I will go to the dairy section of the store.


I will buy milk, butter, cheese and sour cream.


I always buy milk with only 2% fat because it is good for me.


Then I will go to the produce section.


Sentences with is are and am.

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My mother _______ in the kitchen.


The students ______  not at school today.


Steve’s grandmother _____ from Brazil.


I _____   a football fan.


It _______ Sunday today.


They _____ in the car.


His pencil case _____ at home.


_______ you from China?


Hey Brian!   We _____ here.


Robert _____ very lazy.


Jia ______ very smart.


His dress _____ very clean.


Her dress ____ very dirty.

ESL Lesson 1

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ESL Chapter 1


What is your name?

What is your address?

What is your phone number?

Where are you from?

Where do you live?


I am Mrs. Robert.

I am Rosie.

I am Kelly.

I am Debbie.

I am Hillary.




Phone number

Apartment number

House number

Social Security Number

E-mail address


Am -        I am from India.

Is    -         My name is Jodi.