Three men in the truck

Submitted by englishonline on Wed, 05/30/2018 - 22:53

It was the month of May.  A lot of newspapers were sitting in our driveway.  It rained over the newspapers and the cars drove over them.  The wet smashed newspapers gave the impression, that no one was living in the house.  One night we forgot to turn the front porch light on.

One late night a pickup truck stopped, in the front of our house.  Looking at the smashed papers in our driveway and darkness without light, the people in the truck decided to come out.  There were three men in the truck. One man came to the front porch and rang the doorbell. My son heard the doorbell but he decided not to open the door.

When they did not hear any response, they decided to proceed.  One man got back into the truck and backed up the truck, in our driveway, and the other two men went in the backyard.  They were probably looking for an open door or a windows. We have a sprinkler in the back yard which activates with the motion.  We have it there, to stop the cats from coming into the yard. When they were walking in the backyard, the sprinkler sprayed the water on the men and they got scared.   My six year old granddaughter also woke up and started crying.   They probably heard that noise also. Then they decided to leave our house.

We were very thankful that they left our house without robbing us.   Now we keep our driveway clean and always turn the front porch light on at night.



Smashed (s-mash-d) =

Impression (im-pres-sion) =


Decided (de-ci-ded) =


Proceed (pro-ceed) =

Activate (ac-ti-vate) =

Noise (no-ise) =